Drum Lessons for all ages

Learn to play the drums with a seriously fun curriculum customized to help you reach your goals.


Effective, educational and fun.


Being a great drummer is about developing and automating good technique and coordination. Once this is reflexive, you will have the freedom to express your creativity on a drum set. Learn what you need to know with a proven approach from an experienced & patient teacher!

School percussion

Gain an edge by starting early.
Stay ahead with continued learning.


Outstanding musical performance is attained through a solid rudimental foundation. Students will learn individual and full ensemble exercises that will develop and refine performance techniques such as timing, listening, musicality, and balance.

Latin Percussion

Learn the rhythms of latin music.


Latin music and Latin drumming is a big mystery to a lot of drummers. Some common types of Latin music are: Salsa, Samba, Bossa, Beebop, Cumbia, Rumba, Afro-American, and Brazilian. Learn how to play and understand the fundamental technique, timing and rhythms of the Clave, Congas and Timbales.

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If you're interested in drumming lessons or just want to improve your skills, contact Rob Tovar he was one of my very first teachers who helped me with talent for Miss Texas! He's the best of the best!

Destiny S.