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Beginner through advanced drum set lessons for all ages.

Learn a vocabulary of beats and fills appropriate to variety of music styles. The following is a partial list of lesson topics.

Hand Technique - Matched or traditional, German, French, American

Foot Technique - Heel up, heel down, swing, heel-toe, slide, etc.

Music Reading - Westernized notation, charts, drum tab

Independence / Interdependence - Learn to play different rhythms with each limb and recognize how they work together

Song Learning - To improve specific skills or prepare for performance

Practice Methodology - I'll share tips with you to improve the effectiveness of your practice sessions

Learning from the masters - We’ll analyze and play historical drum parts to improve your drumming skills.

Hand to foot Coordination - Learn to split rhythms between hands and feet to create advanced rhythms

Drum Solos - Develop a solo or learn the art of improvised soloing

Transcribing / Charting - Learn how to write out what you hear

Audition Preparation -  Get prepared musically and mentally

Metronome and Click Track - We'll work with these tools to improve your timekeeping for performance and recording

Rudiments - Learn essential rudiments and how to apply them

Hi Hat Technique - Learn to open and close your hi hat to create more complex sounding rhythms

Double Bass Drumming - Foot exercises for speed and coordination

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