The red door studio

My teaching studio is spacious, comfortable, and full of great equipment. The studio was designed to be an inspiring oasis of all things percussion and has been purpose-built with percussion education and recording in mind. Special care was given to function, esthetics, and room acoustics.

We've recently upgraded the studio. More pictures are on the way!

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  • Student Drum Set
  • Teaching Drum Set
  • Multi/Latin Percussion
  • PA
  • Music, Book, Multimedia Library

teaching studio

As a teaching studio, Red Door is equipped with two drum sets, concert and marching instruments, congas, timbales, an electronic drum set, a multi-percussion area, an electric piano, and an extensive book and multimedia library.

Acoustically, the room is outfitted with sound absorption panels to help control the volume and reduce ear fatigue during use.

recording studio

As a recording studio, Red Door is equipped with a 16 channel digital interface, an Allen & Heath mixer provides warm vintage preamps, Shure and Audix microphones are used to capture live drum and percussion. Quick tracking for demos may be done on the Roland TD-20.

Custom sound baffles, Auralex clouds, and a full-wall QRD diffusor provides an amazing sonic backdrop for recording.

rehearsal studio

At nearly 450 square feet, there's plenty of room to rehearse a 9-piece ska band. Full length mirrors along one wall help to perfect the show.

The Allen & Heath mixing board, effects processors and powered speakers provide the necessary amplification, while the room acoustics balance the sound. Very limited availability. Contact me for details.

I can't say enough good things about Rob Tovar as a drum instructor. After years of air-drumming, I decided to start taking lessons in my mid-40s. I was given Rob's name, and I've been taking lessons from him for 2-1/2 years now. It's been a complete pleasure, and I'm really happy with the progress I've made.

Rob has been playing percussion for many years, in many different musical styles. He genuinely loves playing, and his enthusiasm and upbeat attitude are infectious. But just as important, he loves teaching, and his understanding of teaching is what sets him apart from other music instructors I've known. He knows when to push his students, and when to relax and let them work their way though something on their own.

Mike V.