Drum Set lessons

Drum lessons are completely tailored to each individual student’s learning style, experience and goals. Private lessons are offered Sunday through Thursday afternoon and evenings. Typical private lessons cost $150 monthly, are 30 minutes long and recur weekly.

Your first lesson will begin with a discussion so I can learn about you, your experience and goals. No experience? No problem! I enjoy teaching beginner and advanced students alike. Have a very specific goal? Also, no problem! Either way, we’ll work together to make you the best drummer you can be.

But it’s not all talk! You’ll be playing too. You’ll leave the first lesson with a series of exercises or beats to enhance your playing skill.

Some of the common things I help my students with are:

    • Hand Technique - Matched or traditional, German, French, American
    • Foot Technique - Heel up, heel down, heel-toe, swing, slide, constant release, etc.
    • Music Reading - Westernized notation, charts, drum tab
    • Independence / Interdependence - Playing different rhythms with each limb and recognizing how they work together
    • Song Learning - To improve specific skills or prepare for performance
    • Practice Methodology - I'll share tips with you to improve the effectiveness of your practice sessions
    • Learn a vocabulary of beats and fills appropriate to various styles
    • Learning from the masters - We’ll analyze and play historical drum parts to improve your drumming skills.
    • Hand to foot Coordination - learn to split rhythms between hands and feet to create advanced rhythms
    • Drum Solos - We'll work together to develop a solo or learn the art of improvised soloing
    • Transcribing / Charting - Learn how to write out what you hear
    • Audition Preparation - I'll help you prepare musically and mentally for your audition
    • Metronome and Click Track - We'll work with these tools to improve your timekeeping for performance and recording
    • Rudiments - Not just learning the essential rudiments, but also applying them to the drum set
    • Hi Hat Technique - Learn to open and close your hi hat to create more complicated sounding rhythms
    • Double Bass Drumming - foot exercises to build speed and coordination
    • Brush Technique
    • Linear Drumming

and more...


Rob relates well to both my middle school and my high school age children. They have such different personalities, I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea. It turns out Rob is an amazing teacher and able to personalize the lessons to the student. Both kids have been studying with Mr. Tovar for two years.

Amina A.